Wide Assortment Meeting All Requirements

GRAND MARINE Company was founded in 2001 as a manufacturer of inflatable boats in Kharkov, Ukraine. And at the right moment it has become the world’s leading manufacturer of inflatable boats of class RIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat), distributed throughout the world and well known for their exceptional quality, design, construction and performance.

GRAND makes and offers boat models that meet the highest standards and are associated with elegance, reliability and quality. Purchasing any model of GRAND boats, you buy not just water vehicle, but positive emotions and pleasure from relaxing with family and friends in nature, comfort from being in a boat, enjoying easy handling, be it smooth movements on the water surface or steep turn on the waves.

The company’s product line is represented by more than 50 different models of boats with a choice of various additional options and accessories. You can choose the color of the cylinders and fiberglass, the material and colors of the upholstery to your taste, thereby creating your unique boat, assembling it as a designer, remembering childhood and children’s desires.

Customer satisfaction is one of the basic principles of our work. Only with this purpose reliable distribution and dealer network of GRAND has been formed within the structure of the company, where you will be advised by professional product managers, and the customer will be able not only to buy an excellent boat and accessories, but also to receive further first-class service.


About 2,000 boats are produced per year


More than 30,000 boats have been produced since 2001


More then 70 models of boats have been released since 2001


10 new models of boats have been represented since 2014


15,000 m² production area

Large Team

300 people are qualified stuff


32 country dealer network


300+ service centres worldwide

Every GRAND boat is built in Europe without compromise in terms of workmanship, materials, engineering and quality. By combining aerodynamic principles with advanced design and manufacturing concepts we provide our customers with boats in which every component is quality assured and traceable to its source. That’s a high standard to maintain but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our designers pay particular attention to the ergonomics as well as the elegance of their designs, the results of which we hope our customers will really appreciate!

Our definition of "Quality" is that the product meets not only our Customers requirements but also those set out in international standards such as International Standards EN ISO 6185, EN ISO 12217, the European Union Directive 2013/53/EU and ABYC standards. Our internal quality management procedures are amongst the highest in the industry.